VOX Telehealth OrthoCare Program Shows Improved Patient Experience and Clinical Outcomes

Aug 18, 2015

Patients Experienced Increased Direct-to-Home Discharges, Reduced Length of Stay
Princeton, N.J., Aug. 18, 2015 – VOX Telehealth, a leader in the development of procedure-specific, patient engagement solutions, today released patient outcomes from its deployment of their OrthoCare Program at the Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. The results indicate the program has improved outcomes for participating patients with increased direct-to-home discharges, reduced length of stay, and improved patient experience.

Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital selected VOX Telehealth’s OrthoCare Program to support their hip and knee replacement program and implemented with patients beginning in January 2015. The web-based program, which starts 30 days prior to surgery and extends between 60 and 90 days post-surgery, engages patients with easy-to-navigate educational content, reminders, and symptomatic observations tied to a customizable alert escalation and notification system.

“The benefit of VOX’s program is that it takes the whole process into account—from pre-op to the hospital process to post-op,” said Dr. Matthew A. Dobzyniak, of St. Mary’s Hospital. “It creates a better medical state for the patient before surgery, leads to shorter hospital stays, and a quicker recovery. We agree with the fundamental and philosophical structure of the program, and the results speak to its efficacy.”

The study reviewed patient results of those who used the OrthoCare Program alongside St. Mary’s existing patient handbook. Results from the survey and patient outcomes showed:

  • 92% of patients were discharged directly to home, compared to a national average of approximately 30%
  • Length of stay was reduced to 1.6 days, compared to the control group’s 2.0 days and 3.7 days nationally
  • 91% of patients reported they were very satisfied with the overall care they received
  • 93% of patients reported that the program improved their episode-of-care experience
  • 55% of patients said the program made them more satisfied with their physician and hospital
  • 91% of patients said the program helped to manage their expectations prior to surgery
  • 79% of patients responded to their 30-plus-days post-discharge survey, versus 18% and less response rates common in the industry
  • None of the patients in the program were readmitted to the hospital within 30 days, compared to national average of ~6% for MJR procedures

“We believe that many programs are too light in their preparation and engagement of the patient toactually impact a patient’s experience and outcomes,” says David Brown, Founder and CEO of VOX Telehealth. “VOX is designed to ask a lot of the patient, but by doing so, we are truly empowering them to become an active partner in their episode of care, which greatly enhances their experience, greatly reduces the clinical workflow, and greatly improves the overall outcomes.”

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