VOX Telehealth Appointed American Joint Replacement Registry Authorized Vendor

VOX OrthoCare Program Able to Collect and Submit Patient Outcome Data, Streamlining Regulatory Process for Clients

Princeton, N.J., June 12, 2017 – VOX Telehealth, a leader in the development of patient management programs, today announced that the company has been selected as an authorized vendor with the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR). VOX’s OrthoCare Program is compliant with the AJRR collection measures, and therefore can submit patient outcome data on behalf of clients. As an AJRR authorized vendor, VOX’s clients also gain access to national benchmark data.

“We are proud to be an AJRR authorized vendor,” said David Brown, Founder and CEO, VOX Telehealth. “Providers need access to benchmarking data to aid quality improvement. By participating with AJRR, we are supporting the collection of actionable data, and enabling our clients the ability to track, monitor, and compare joint replacement outcomes, ultimately helping them improve orthopedic patient care.”

The VOX OrthoCare Program is a procedure-specific, web-based solution that can be delivered on multiple device platforms. Starting 30 days prior to surgery and managing the transition and recovery up to 90 days post-surgery, the program engages patients throughout the entire episode of care, enhancing care coordination and patient accountability.

Through the VOX OrthoCare Program, clients are able to distribute and collect all of the standard regulatory patient outcome measurements, including HOOS/KOOS JR, VR-12, and PROMIS-10. The OrthoCare Program also sends alert reminders for patients to complete outcome surveys. Data from product use has shown when patient surveying is made a part of the OrthoCare Program, survey completion rates can exceed 77%.

“Patient outcomes collection has now become a requirement for participation in many regulatory and payer-based incentives,” said Phil Feldstein, Vice President of Ortho Solutions. “Because the VOX OrthoCare Program is able to collect both pre and post-operative patient reported outcomes directly from the web-based program, we can take the burden off the hospital or surgeon’s office distributing questionnaires at the office, on the phone or via mail.”

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Since 2014, VOX has fully displayed the “power of the patient” to positively impact their own health, experience and outcomes through our proprietary hybrid model that weaves together a proactive technology platform and human navigational support in order to optimize patient engagement and adherence across all demographics.


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