Katie Kaney Podcast: Whole Person Index® is transforming the way we understand personal health

Dr. Katie KaneyAt VOX, we love to promote our partners in health. Like us, Dr Katie Kaney, PhD, brings a missional focus in all of her work. Her patented Whole Person Index® is transforming the way we understand personal health and formulas for risk stratification by incorporating an individuals behavior / adherence as a major factor along with their genetic / social / clinical status. Embedded within our platform that auto-generates personal and aggregate action plans, the WPI provides actionable data that allows our Concierge Adherence Management Team to encourage interventional adherence and track longitudinal outcomes.

Tune in to her “Healthcare Unbound” podcast to learn how you can utilize the Whole Person Index and Best in Class Adherence to realize better health at a lower cost for all …

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Since 2014, VOX has fully displayed the “power of the patient” to positively impact their own health, experience and outcomes through our proprietary hybrid model that weaves together a proactive technology platform and human navigational support in order to optimize patient engagement and adherence across all demographics.


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