VOX SpineCare Patient Management

Our platform supports the patient on their journey to a pain-free and active life!

From identifying and optimizing the condition of surgical candidates prior to their procedure to facilitating adherence to recovery and pain medication protocols, the VOX SpineCare program is designed to support and guide the patient from the point of decision for surgery to the time they are back on their feet actively engaging in daily activities.

Take control by using the education and coordination tools to help you and your coach stay informed and on the path towards a positive result.

Set Your Expectations by learning useful tips about what to expect at every turn throughout your journey.

Stay Connected by logging in throughout your recovery to answer the observation questions about your progress and symptoms, which will help you know what to do when you need it most.

The SpineCare program teaches you how to be an active partner in your own care by providing the right information at the right time and by keeping you connected throughout your surgery and recovery pathway.

The team at VOX Telehealth recognizes the importance of this decision and provides essential tools in a patient’s journey to surgery and recovery.

VOX SpineCare Patient Management

Our proprietary platform uniquely provides the support, accountability, coordination and transparency that is needed to align with the patient, caregivers and the entire care team to reduce readmissions, improve outcomes and workflow efficiencies while significantly reducing the cost of care. The VOX SpineCare Program will benefit both patients and providers in the following ways:

Education and Guidance for informed surgical decision making

Continuum of Care Pathway from Pre-Surgery to Recovery


Pain Medication Management and Monitoring

Real-time symptom and side-effect monitoring for caregivers and provider

Customizable treatment pathways for healthcare providers

Relevant content presented in an easy to use interface

Ready to Experience VOX SpineCare

Let us show you how you can improve patient outcomes, enhance their experience, and greatly reduce the cost of care.

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