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vox telehealth

Connect to Better Health

VOX Difference

VOX Telehealth is introducing the first proactive, procedure-specific mobile health system that optimizes recovery and reintegration for today’s patients.
See what makes us unique…
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VOX Telehealth is redefining the patient care process … improving the patient’s experience and the provider’s quality of care.
Proactive Tools for Better Patient Outcomes...


VOX Telehealth has joined with leading institutions to provide forward-thinking patient care plans for each of its procedure-specific programs.
Forward Thinking – Patient Centered...

VOX Orthocare

Addressing one of the fastest growing procedures, the VOX OrthoCare Program has the potential to greatly improve outcomes and reduce provider and payer costs.
Patient-Centered – Outcomes Driven...

With the integration of our best practices with the VOX technology that is accessible by our patients with ongoing monitoring, we are certain that the patient experience and outcomes will improve to a world class level.”

John Turner, VP of the Orthopaedic Institute at Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital

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About Us

Born out of 12 years of behavioral health, VOX Telehealth is seeking to redefine the process of patient recovery through the development of procedure-specific, patient engagement programs delivered via multi-device patient and clinician portals.  Through full episode-of-care support that provides needed education, coordination and monitoring through VOX’s proprietary alert escalation and notification system, VOX programs drive patient compliance for the purpose of improved outcomes and reduced costs.  For more information, visit www.voxtelehealth.com

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